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Engineering Academy

Learning by Doing

Factory design. Robotic arms. App development.  These are examples of real-world challenges students participate in while enrolled in the Engineering Academy.  Throughout the program, scholars experience the varied types of engineering and the roles engineers play in our society.  Scholars work in teams to design and test solutions.

In Introduction to Engineering Design, scholars apply their knowledge in math and science utilizing the engineering design process to work on hands-on projects.  Scholars will design a variety of solutions using 3-D modeling softward while keeping documentation in their engineering notebook.

Principles of Engineering offers scholars the opportunity to explore a broad range of engineering topics including automation and the strength and structure of materials.  Scholars will collaborate and present their problem solving research and design.

Manufactured items are part of everyday life, yet most scholars have not been introduced to the high-tech, innovative nature of modern manufacturing.  Computer Integrated Manufacturing provides that introduction for engineering scholars.   This course teaches scholars about manufacturing processes, product design, robotics, and automation.