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Biomedical Science

Building a Strong Foundation for College and Career

By immersing students in activities like practicing suturing and constructing body structures from clay, PLTW Biomedical Science empowers students to build knowledge and skills in biomedical science, as well as in-demand, transportable skills like problem solving, critical and creative thinking, communication, and collaboration.

By engaging in activities like dissecting a sheep heart, students explore concepts of biology and medicien to determine factors that led to the death of a fictional person in Principles of Biomedical Science.

In Human Body Systems, scholars examine the interactions of human body systems and apply what they know to solve real-world medical cases through projects such as determining the identity of a skeleton using both forensic anthropology and DNA analysis.

Scholars delve into activities like designing a prosthetic arm as they follow the life of a fictitious family and investigate how to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease in Medical Interventions.

Finally, in Biomedical Innovations scholars build on the knowledge and skills gained from previous courses to design their own innovative solutions for the most pressing health challenges of the 21st century.

We currently have three teachers teaching Principles of Biomedical Science - Casey Evans, Kathy Rogers, and Dr. Craig Scharf who also teaches the other three courses.