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Gateway Invited to Google
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Friday, November 30, 2018
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On Saturday, November 17th, the Gateway VEX Robotics teams entered the 2018-2019 competitive season at      the Owensboro Innovation State Qualifier.

     During the last match there were two Gateway teams left standing on opposing sides of the field.  Team           8349B took 2nd place, and Team 83490-A took first place and earned a prestigious invitation to the State VEX tournament that will be held in March at the EC3 campus in Elizabethtown, KY.

     Team 83490-A was also invited by Google to compete in the Google Signature event - South Bay VEX Robotics Tournament at Google Headquarters Quad Campus in Sunnyvale, CA.  The competition is scheduled for February 17, 2019.  Team 83490-A is one of 30 teams outside the state of California to be invited to this Signature Event.

     Team 83490-A is a Gateway middle school team comprised of scholars from HMS and CCMS.  Members include:

  • Spencer Powell, Team Co-Captain & Driver - HMS
  • Gabe Harton, Team Co-Captain & Builder - HMS
  • Dylan Clevesy, Builder, Programmer, Researcher - CCMS
  • Johnathan Briggs, Engineering Notebook, Researcher - CCMS
  • Larry Johnson, Builder, Programmer, Researcher - CCMS
  • Gavin Heiserman, Builder, Programmer, Researcher - CCMS
  • Joshua Owen, Engineering Notebook, Researcher - CCMS

     You can see all the Gateway VEX teams in action at the Gateway VEX Tournament on Saturday, December 8, at Gateway Academy.  You can also follow the teams via the school Facebook page at

     Gateway VEX teams are coached by Nathan Hicks, Sean Conley, and Patti Messamore.

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